Bild der Band Smoking Frogs
Bild von Alex

ALEX - Lead-Vocals

Alex is our man on the mic. After graduating a higher technical college for engineering he knows everything.

He started his career early as a jazz-pop singer.

Alex is also writing the best lyrics in the world.

His job in the band is lead vocalist and songwriter.

Bild von René

RENÉ - Lead Guitar

René is our guitar hero. By the way, he never learned reading notes but is crazy at shredding solos.

René studies some technical stuff in Graz.

Sometimes he sings some acoustic songs - you can see this live.

His job in the band is lead guitarist, backing vocalist & songwriter.

Bild von Pascal


Basscarl loves slapping and plays without pick.

He also plays the drums and has a huge piece of knowledge in music theory.

Pascal is also studying some technical stuff in Graz and made this website.

His job in the band is bass guitarist, songwriter and programmer.

Bild von Sebi

SEBI - Drums

Sebi is our machine, hitting the drumset till the fells snap.

He started as a jazz drummer and only played hard rock in his room at home.

Sebi is studying in Linz to become a teacher.

His job in the band is drummer, that’s hard enough.

Bild von Didi

DIDI - Rhythm Guitar

Youngest and oldest member of the project who joined in 2022.

Talented guitarist and singer who is shy singing (for us at least).

Engineer engineering stuff.

Didi brought more plan and structure to the band. A staple, father and friend.


Park 'n' Ride - Party and Ball Band from Bad Hall -

ExFalso - Rock-Pop Band from Graz -

Pictures were taken in ((Szene)) Wien and shot by:

justacreativemind - Clarissa Sopper - instagram

creator.phi - Phi - instagram